Welcome to Yorkshire Bits and Bobs!

Hi, I’m Helen. I hail from Leeds but moved to beautiful York nearly 20 years ago. I’ve worked as a tour-guide around Yorkshire, a museum guide, actor and vocal storyteller.

What the Blog is about

The blog explores some of my favourite things, such as food and drink, places of interest, ghost stories and the Bronte sisters.


I am available to write articles for your publication, website or blog and I am also experienced in proof-reading and editing. You can contact me using the form or through any of the social media links.


I write comedy plays and occasionally perform stand-up comedy. To find out more about my comedy writing, you can visit this page…

Helen on Lendal Bridge


I’ve been a vocal storyteller since 2003 and have told stories round schools, museums, pubs and festivals. Nowadays I mainly prefer to tell ghost stories and offer regular Halloween events. You can learn more about this at my website here…